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A New Indigenous Experiential Travel Training Collaboration

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We are honoured to be part of a new tourism training collaboration to create a new leading-edge Indigenous Experiential Travel Training program in Alberta. Two months of engaging and insightful meetings between Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA), Travel Alberta and our team at the Tourism Cafe has led to an agreement to move forward.

We've added to our team, Tracey Klettl of Painted Warriors (AB), and two colleagues from Moccasin Trails - Chief Frank Antoine and Greg Hopf (BC).

Today we travel to Edmonton to share the best of what we all bring from our past in tourism training and development to co-design a new course for ITA to offer to their Indigenous tourism businesses in the fall of 2022.

This collaboration responds to four calls to action identified by the federal Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. We are thankful to ISC who continues to champion tourism development and capacity building in Alberta.


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