Case Studies

There are lots of types of research, but we find that case studies are a powerful way to capture a story, a specific focus, and inspire others through celebrating amazing businesses, communities and organizations. 


Here are some of the ones we’ve produced for different clients. Perhaps they can help or inspire your business.



Dining on the Ocean Floor

Experience one of the most innovative culinary feasts in the world on the bottom of the ocean floor where twice daily the tide averages 47.5 feet up to 53.6 feet on a raging tide day. The Flying Apron alongside their community partners piloted the experience with 39
visitors at three different times in the summer. By July 2016,
Tourism Nova Scotia noted that the four scheduled public
dinners were sold out. By September 2016, the Flying Apron
reported a second-year attendance increase of 333 percent
welcoming 169 people to the four public and two private
sea-bottom dinners.


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Destination Canada's Canadian Signature Experiences


Learn from others who are succeeding in domestic and international markets!

Specifically gain insights into:


  • What experiential travel means to their business

  • What makes a memorable travel experience

  • Demand for experiential travel and impacts on their company

  • Their ideal guests, key partners, primary sales channels, and marketing

  • Value of the Canadian Signature Experience program

  • Sights for others wanting to strengthen their experiential travel potential


EQ™ Up Close: Case Study Series


This is a series of provincial and regional case studies to describe how different destination marketing organizations are using and benefitting from Destination Canada’s Explorer Quotient™ Research.


The Tourism Cafe was contracted to author British Columbia’s experience with the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and Tourism Vancouver Island.


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Challenged with decreasing visitation, 40 years of an engrained way of doing business, and an “every man for himself” attitude, eventually everyone agreed this was not getting the town where they wanted to be. Even with an international iconic attraction (The Fortress of Louisbourg), visitation was dropping 5% per year! They knew they had to change.


A group of passionate stakeholders called "Synergy Louisbourg" began a journey in 2012 to move the destination forward. Driven by the visitor experience and ensuring an inclusive, transparent community engagement process, slow, incremental change is being made and the rewards 2 years later are being felt.


This is their story ... for now.

If you have a need for a case study, we'd love to research and write it for you!  

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