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Tourism is an ever-changing industry continually impacted by everything from pandemics, trends and evolutions in consumer preference, advances in technology, and more.


At the Tourism Café we bring decades of experience to our destination development projects throughout Canada and internationally. Our customer-centric approach examines your tourism assets, goals and aspirations, and with your input, we produce plans that are grounded in research and ready for you to take action.

Our tourism development process streamlines information and synchronizes efforts around tangible objectives, making it easier for organizations to collaborate and leverage resources and assets available in the destination to grow tourism visitation, revenues and the visitor economy.

We understand that a thriving visitor economy requires managing all the components contributing to tourism's direct, indirect and induced benefits in an integrated, strategic and holistic way. Our research helps inform potent development strategies and plans that stage destinations for implementation. We like to push the envelope to create new thinking so our clients can see lasting, sustainable change. 

Colourful houses

The destination development planning work that was done resulted in mountains of insightful contemplation and analysis by the Brain Trust/Tourism Café team. To truly understand the amount of work, you should see it from my perspective! These five plans are transformative and lay the foundation for tourism developing in Newfoundland and Labrador for years to come.

Craig Foley, CEO

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador

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