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The Tourism Café Canada is one of Canada’s leading tourism training companies with a national reputation for experiential travel training.


We are professional educators with an award-winning, finely-tuned instructional design process that is highly collaborative, inclusive and engaging. Our agility in responding to an ever-shifting learning environment shows up in our work—we adapt, learn, and deliver training that optimizes your investment.

As professionally trained educators, we embrace innovation to deliver tourism industry training that makes a lasting difference. Whether in person or online, we are passionate about creating learning experiences that are fun, interactive and highly relevant. We inspire participants to think in new ways and deliver practical, tangible results for operators and destinations. 

We help raise the bar on the visitor experience. Find out what we can do for you!

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We design, co-create and deliver award-winning tourism training across Canada

We would love to work with you!


We’re known for our experiential training. We help people, destination and organizations think differently, inspire tourism product development that drives new revenue, attracts new markets, and develops staff and partner capacity. 


Bring our expertise into your event. We research and produce original materials for all our keynote addresses, plenary and break-out sessions, and bring diversity to panel discussions. We're professional speakers with decades of experience in Canada and around the world.


We thrive on understanding your unique needs and through a collaborative coaching approach, guide you through a proven coaching process that is customized to optimize your time and desired outcomes. 


Ever wonder why some businesses thrive and others struggle? Our carefully crafted missions, aligned with your learning objectives, connect your audience to leading companies and tourism experiences so you can learn from the best.

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