Nancy Arsenault

Managing Partner

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Lesley Anderson

Training & Development Manager

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Diana Gould

Learning Support Coordinator

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Paul Arsenault

Finance & Operations

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Gabe Guimarães

E-Learning Developer

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Luc Arsenault

Digital Course Author

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Todd Lucier




Magaret Doyle

"For more than a decade, I have been a collaborating partner with the Tourism Café Canada. My experiences have not only enriched and informed my own storytelling practice but have also expanded my understanding of the visitor experience and the impact of the tourism economy on society as a whole. The Tourism Café team, led by Nancy Arsenault, is a high-performing, strategic, empathetic group of diverse talents that puts the visitor experience at the heart of every project. I cannot think of any other company in Canada that trains and supports destinations and operators with the level of pedagogical and research capacities that the Tourism Café brings to their work. Their passion, humour, and strategic approach to destination development, assessment, and coaching is what inspires me as a partner and keeps me engaged and excited about our work together in the tourism industry."

Margaret Doyle

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