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The Tourism Café is passionate about developing, testing and designing training resources for our clients and the tourism industry.


We enjoy applying the findings from our research, training and destination development work to create specific tools, templates, and case studies that help inform your business development, product development, and destination development goals.

Here you’ll find practical and inspiring resources to spark your creativity, support experience development,  and adapt to market challenges.


Take your learning to the next level.



Our popular list of important experiential travel, product and market development definitions.


Costing Templates

A comprehensive costing template that allows you to cost and price your experiential travel product. A must-have for tourism businesses.


Case Studies

Learn about remarkable businesses, communities and organizations challenging the status quo and elevating the tourism industry across Canada and beyond.


Ideas Lab

Learn from your tourism peers through our Ideas Labs discussion summaries that share ideas on tackling common industry challenges.

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