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Marco Arsenault
Bilingual Course Reviewer

An educator, mathematician, and former data scientist geek, Marco believes that teacher-student relations and inspiring young minds are at the heart of impactful, transformative education. Equipped with Bachelor of Mathematics and Bachelor of Education degrees, when Marco isn’t stimulating Grade 11 and 12 math and computer science students, he contributes his skills to the Tourism Café to try and crack our e-courses!


Anyone who has designed and developed online training knows how different the approach to designing, development and testing self-paced learning is. The technology is intense behind every animation, click and action. Before our courses go to market, they go through Marco’s technical lens to find any glitches that will slow up a learner or interrupt the flow, so your learning experience is optimized. And bonus – he’s perfectly bilingual so he can test our English and French courses!


With a passion for gaming and his millennial mindset, he is perfect for the job. And, when he’s not at his desk, you can find Marco taking in most any type of sports game or event and increasing his ranking within the Rocket Soccer Confederation.

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