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Fernanda Macedo
E-Learning and Graphic Designer

Fernanda is a talented graphic designer and illustrator with a diverse background ranging from animation in the gaming industry to e-learning and branding.  She uses her creativity and keen attention to detail to create engaging and fun e-learning courses.  


Fernanda weaves her diverse experience and education in digital media and 3D animation to bring self-paced learning to life. She is adaptable, optimistic and a team player, who has experience creating impactful and professionally designed courses to inspire learning. She is wired to find creative ways to make online learning interactive through bringing stories to life, applying videos and animations, while respecting varying budgets and time realities of our clients. 

Born and raised in Brazil, Fernanda emigrated to Canada in 2019 and is excited to have the opportunity to promote eco, responsible and sustainable tourism in the e-learning world. Fernanda brings a creative and innovative mindset to our work.  She not only has a passion for travel and tourism, but she also has an innate design skillset and an appreciation of in-person and online learning experiences.   

When she’s not at her desk, Fernanda enjoys doing yoga, hiking, cuddling with her bunny, fostering animals, and watching movies and series.

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