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What do an Escape Artist, Ukranian Baba's and Fire Prevention have in Common?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

These are all experiential travel opportunities included in the recent Cutting Edge Experiential Travel training offered in Onanole Manitoba. Welcoming 31 folks from the tourism industry, community and economic development organization and destination marketers we embarked on a 3.5 day journey to explore the potential for experiential travel in rural Manitoba. This is a tourism development opportunity that has relevance to all areas of Canada – rural to urban, north, south, east and west. It aligns with how the Canadian Tourism Commission is positioning Canada and is part of Travel Manitoba’s strategic direction. Our job as operators is to ensure the product is there!

Where do you begin – start looking for the hidden gems in our community! Then think about the potential for your own community.

If you live in Manitoba and missed this training opportunity – you are in luck! Travel Manitoba is offering a second session, this time in an urban setting in Winnipeg Jan 16 – 20th. Contact Edge of the Wedge GMIST graduate, and now Cutting Edge graduate Laurenda Madill with the Visitor Experiences Development team for more information.

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