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Time to Recheck Where You Can Travel In Canada without Quarantine

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

As we enter the fall and prepare for winter, it is important that all business continue to monitor which provinces have restrictions for travellers, and which do not. It is interesting that I received various media notices advising me of the fall considerations - such as this one from Narcity

In an effort to validate, I googled, Safe Places to Travel in Canada without Quarantine, and what an interesting visitor journey it was.

Twenty minutes later, I had been through numerous government websites, including the main federal public health site, endless referrals elsewhere, and found more time on the 'link hunt' than getting a quick, up-to-date decision to help me travel, quickly and efficiently.

The take away for tourism businesses:

1) Ensure you have current COVID-19 information on your website

2) Add a 'last updated' date to the page/information for if it is June, I won't trust it, I need now!

3) Add links to credible sources to validate for easy access by travellers

4) Clearly state your protocols for COVID-19, refund policies and measures for guest safety.

And, just like before COVID-19, if you are welcoming guests next summer ensure your information and booking system is ready to accept! People who opted not to travel this year, for so many reasons, maybe scouting there next holiday in the hopes of an ability to go. You want these people to find you! I know as I started scouting some possible places in British Columbia, my home provinces, and found no information about next year, no confirmation if they were open or planning to open so ... I clicked on.


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