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Removing Restrictions is a Choice

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

September is a new chapter in the COVID-19 recovery as we move into a period of acceptance that "This is here stay."

The road ahead will remain paved with uncertainty, new rules, changed rules and retired rules each month, locally and globally. For the tourism industry, this means we must be super vigilant as travellers and businesses as the psychology of the travel industry evolves.

For example, reading that the USA, with the largest COVID-19 outbreak in the world that is spiraling upward and has eliminated screening at airports, and removed the 13-entry airports for international flights, thus welcoming international arrivals to more places. From a business and airlift perspective this is good news. But what does it mean for people arriving with COVID 19 or contracting it while in the USA and travelling home?

We have to think of others beyond our business and community to successfully rebuild our industry and regain consumer travel confidence. The choices each of us makes, impacts others - good and bad. So think carefully about both fall/winter mitigation choices and those with the strategic long-term needs and benefits, communicate well, and be prepared to amend with the circumstances.

Economies must continue, closing down the planet for a second time, I believe will not occur. Finding the balance is critical. We all have to make choices - as individual travellers, and as tourism businesses, regions, provinces/states, and nations are connected and impact each guest who chooses to travel. And, we can all choose to support others, share and partner in new ways - together we are better.


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