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Let's Build A Better Tourism Future

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

What will world travel look and feel like, after we have a vaccine for Covid-19? I hope our industry returns with a refreshed focus that moves beyond 'sustainability' - retaining what we had. We need to focus on regenerative tourism, building a better tourism future than the one that was paused by the world pandemic.

I remember the 1998 Montreal ice-storm; it was nothing of a comparable scale but it triggered a memory. The province of Quebec stopped to deal with the ice-storm until the city of Montreal was restored. Once this happened the activity slowed dramatically yet, the hardships and challenges of communities in the black triangle communities, outside Montreal continued for months.

I'm delighted we are phasing in COVID-19 recovery plans; but I do wonder, once community-based activities are restored, will the urgency or support exist to assist the long-term return of tourism's contribution to GDP and the visitor economy.

We have a long climb to move to confident regional, provincial, national and international tourism. We will need to pull together, every stage of the recovery to get through this. Every tourism business, every initiative helps. And for those who have been/will be forced to close their business, hopefully, others can hire their staff, support future entrepreneurial activities.


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