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Here's an Interesting Graphic

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

While the world settles into working from home and/or tackling Covid19 on the front lines, researchers are busy as work tracking, examining, and helping us understand what is happening today, so that we may prepare for tomorrow.

Like you, we are reading endless articles, reports and watching the news with increased frequency at the moment, but this particular graphic struck a chord with me. Published by the GlobalWebIndex, it shows changes in media consumption as a result of the Covid19 reality.

In the last two months, I delivered trends sessions, to RDEE Canada, CDEA the Francophone Economic Development Council of Alberta conference delegates and Travel Alberta's SHiFT: Transforming products to experiences course participants. One of the key points of emphasis was the important differences between the generations and the importance of getting to know the attitudes, motivations and behaviours of Gen Z and the Millennials for companies with a high reliance on Baby Boomers. The message, they are different! This graphic brought home this point from a media consumption lens. Creating and uploading video is definitely led by Gen Z, Millennials are focused on streaming services and Boombers are staying with traditional media - broadcast TV.

As we emerge from the Covid 19 crisis, the rebuilding of tourism will be long, short-term adjustments will need to be made, but the long-term opportunities can still be informed by demographics as one key variable to understanding your customers.


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