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Attracting Small Groups Through Adapting Your Offer

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

One positive aspect of COVID-19 has been companies stretching their boundaries, revisiting their business plans, finding new and creative ways to partner, collaborate and engage with their tourism industry colleagues and community.

The rapid sharing of knowledge that has been co-created through the voices of numerous tourism businesses and their support communities has been amazing. Through our multiple series of Ideas Labs in BC and Ontario, 'conversations that matter' between like-minded businesses were sponsored by the BCRTS, RTO8 and RTO9 in Ontario. Live and in real-time, a wealth of new, post-COVID-insights and inspiration emerged. In the spirit of 'we are all in this together,' Central Counties Tourism (RTO6) invited us to aggregate the learning that involved coast-to-coast business examples to benefit the operators in their region as well.

The first of two feature articles, "Attracting Small Groups Through Adapting Your Offer" is published The core story is anchored around this thought-provoking graphic we created as an extension of collaborating with so many tourism businesses this past year. We admired their strength, entrepreneurship, and reflected on the Tourism Cafe'sjourney to 'pivot our business' into the enhanced e-learning space and could completely identify with the hundreds of tourism businesses we engaged with these past 8 months.

Take a moment to reflect on the Progression of Adaptation relative to your business. Where are you in this cycle? Then enjoy reading and sharing the article produced for Central Counties Tourism, launched during Tourism Week that highlights feature stories from Roots, Rants and Roars in Newfoundland and Westben and Elliot Tree Farm in Ontario.


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