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Tapping into the Solo Travel Market

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

The Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2018 report on 20 Adventure Trends to Watch indicated that solo travel was a trend on the rise, and 2019 trend articles suggest this segment continues to evolve and grow. And while female solo travel has been the predominant focus, Trekksoft’s 2019 Travel Trends Report suggests that solo travel ‘has extended across all generations and to many destinations’. Canada’s most recent census results show that single-person households are more common than ever. Statistics support the evolution and growth of this segment and there are opportunities for experience design focused on attracting this target this market.

Many of the large tour operators worldwide have recognized this trend and are offering a variety of options to accommodate and support solo travellers. Transat Vacations for example, was recognized for offering the best all-inclusive vacation packages at the 2017 Solo Travel Awards and Adventure Canada won the 2018 World Nomads Solo Traveler Choice Award. Both companies offer opportunities for solo travellers to skip the single supplements, setting aside a certain amount of inventory to entice this growing traveller segment and support solo travel through activities, communal dining opportunities and more.

Companies such as Trafalgar Tours and Backroads offer specific departures designed for solo travellers. Larger tour companies looking to entice the solo travel market often provide discounts on single supplements or offer to match solo travellers with another person to avoid the single supplement and make a new friend. Other companies such as Encounter Travel specialize in the solo market!

Even hotels are recognizing the trend. Aviva, a 4-star wellness hotel in Austria, has positioned itself as a singles-only vacation destination, where vacations are designed to help you meet new people, make new friends, be healthy and active in the outdoors and enjoy great food. The daily ‘make friends program’ offers a staggering number of activities so you can be as active and engaged or relaxed as you desire.

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