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Giving Thanks

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. But as we approach the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, we wanted to pause and say how thankful we are for:

- the amazing tourism businesses, destination management/marketing organizations and government colleagues we get to work with every day;

- our clients who are committed to leading the charge for innovative tourism development;

- the wide range of tourism professionals, in all sectors, that enroll in our courses across Canada and want to raise the bar on the visitor experience while increasing the competitive appeal of their destination, province, Canada and abroad for our international clients;

- the passionate tourism operators who engage in our coaching processes to create new, purchasable visitor experiences then share them in our training to inspire others;

- our amazing business partners who never cease to amaze us on their ability to help make what we do better;

- the companies that allow us to track their progress, year-after-year so their product development learning may be shared in vignettes and case studies to help inspire others in our industry;

- the individuals who challenge our thinking so we continue to think more deeply about the evolutions in our industry so we can remain current and at the fore of where the tourism industry is going so this informs our destination development and training activities; and

- the government sponsors who invest in their industry and make affordable training available to tourism businesses.

On behalf of myself, Lesley, Paul and Todd - thank you, Happy Thanksgiving.

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