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New Case Study: Jasper Motorcycle Tours

Jasper Motorcycle Tours: A SHiFT Case Study

Take five and enjoy reading this new case study published by Travel Alberta on Jasper Motorcycle Tours. A Canadian Signature Experience, this company has exploded onto the Jasper scene enchanting guests with a unique, highly personalized and engaging side car tour on a Harley Davidson. Dressed in chaps, full biker gear and feeling the breeze as you whisk through the mountains with an amazing storyteller, this experience is attracting people of all ages, particularly ‘wanna-be-bikers’. It is the only experience of its kind in North America and their journey, as a new experiential business, is worth a read.

Plus this case study offers more than print – follow the underscores in the text and it will lead you to video clips that bring the story to life!

Thanks so much Candace Broughton, owner/operator of Jasper Motorcycle Tours for sharing your story with others may learn and be inspired! Thanks to Travel Alberta for building case study examples of excellence into your training to bring the success of your businesses to life.

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