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Why not smile for the camera?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

If you go to a networking function – TO MEET PEOPLE AND PERHAPS SOLICIT BUSINESS – you dress for the event, put on your best smile, and find the conversations that will be mutually beneficial (you hope). Simple.

Why is it then when people join B2B websites like Linkedin for the very same purpose (albeit in cyberspace) they don’t post their picture?

Do you want to communicate anonymously but not be seen? Why if you want to do business? Are you afraid of being recognized online? Why, what did you do…..? How can I find you in a crowded room if we cross paths one day and have an opportunistic chance to talk face-to-face?

If you are online for your business – I suggest you smile for the camera, post a great photo and let people recognize you! It just may be the touch of personalization that differentiates you in today’s world?

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