Here's a couple of videos that we made for the Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism (GMIST) and Destination Canada on Experiential Travel.

Fulfilling Travellers Dreams Through Experiences
Connecting Travellers with Culture, Community and Cuisine

And here's a few we captured via a Skype Interview for Travel Manitoba's conference & a keynote address given on the topic of "The Power of a Story"

Shel Zolkawich, Travel Writer talks about the opportunity for tourism businesses to work with travel to get their stories into the media!

Marie France, Le Pays de la Sagouine, New Brunswick talks about the importance of storytelling.

Louise Stitt, Meander Creek Pumpkin Patch, Manitoba talks about the importance of using stories to enhance tourism products by listening with ears, eyes and heart to the visitor.

Tyler Schroeder, Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, talks about the importance of story of Angus and of finding fossils in Manitoba.

Plus we capture lots of teaching vignettes of amazing experience providers, and Todd is known to share his thoughts from time to tme via video. But you will have to participate in our training to find these hidden gems.

Yes there is a return on investment for social media - if it is in fact: Social. Media.

Lights. Camera. Sound. Three basics to producing good video for your website.

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