Our Vision for Sustainability

At the Tourism Cafe we are guided by the People, Planet and Profits framework (as illustrated in the graph) by the Australian firm, Green Innovation, because it puts people first.


We believe that sustainability is not an option; it must be as foundational to your business as managing the visitor experience. We take a leadership role in educating (through our programs and services), generating, sharing and applying knowledge that will motivate businesses and destinations to take personal actions and contribute to positive change.


At the Tourism Cafe:


  • The principles of sustainability and responsible travel must be woven into the fabric of everything we do and teach

  • Demonstrating leadership as responsible stewards of the environment in the communities where we develop and deliver training is imperative

  • Ensuring that our in-community training draws on local resources, people, and businesses, thus demonstrating the principles of decision making, engagement and selection of collaborating partners in everything we do

  • Striving to continually minimize the negative environmental impact of our operations and learn from our actions is essential

  • Delivering healthy financial results for us, and our partners, is required to ensure a sustainable future for our company

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