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On behalf of the team at the Tourism Café, we hope you, your staff, volunteers and industry colleagues are well. As we accept that COVID-19 continues to impact tourism, we are energized by the passion, commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit of so many in our industry. We are excited by new research that has emerged, new examples of business excellence that can be shared, new business models, and a powerful appreciation of the importance of communities, supporting local and ensuring your staff and closest business partners succeed together. And, our hearts go out to the businesses that have not been able to survive.


2022 will be a year of continued change. We have learned a great deal leading up to this place and time and will continue to collaborate with our partners, clients, team, and program participants to help emerge from the pandemic with amazing reasons to travel to, and within Canada.


As we return to in-community training and destination development consultation, we are mindful of the evolving COVID-19 protocols in the regions we work. We will optimize the combination of online and in-person training activities so businesses can minimize their time away from their office as travel begins to rebound. And, our entire team is double-vaccinated with the booster shot.

If you’d like to discuss the path ahead please give me a call at (250) 941-7702 or email me directly 
Wishing you all the best with your tourism road to recovery. Stay safe, stay healthy.

Dr. Nancy Arsenault
Managing Partner
Tourism Cafe Canada Ltd.


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