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Three years later ... a culture of creativity and innovation in Experiential Travel Development.


Adam and his team have diversified the ways visitors and the local community alike can appreciate and experience Rat’s Nest Cave.

Their ‘playground’, as one staff member describes the south-facing slope of Grotto Mountain where they access the caves, is six kilometres east of Canmore. The site contains more than four kilometres of tunnels and represents a part of Alberta’s history most travellers would never see. Rat’s Nest Cave, a provincial historic site, dissolved out of limestone and is rich with palaeontological specimens of birds, snakes, fish, amphibians and mammals, pictographs, prehistoric artifacts and fascinating geological formations.

Tale of Two Shifties.JPG

In 2015, Duncan Daniels, head of marketing and communications for Alberta’s Historic Sites and Museums Branch, enrolled in SHiFT. Two years later Jenevieve LeBlanc, media and marketing supervisor for SkiBig3 in Banff and Lake Louise, took the course.

Duncan works for the provincial government; Jenevieve is employed by a large private-sector company. They both arrived at SHiFT at different points in their careers, with different organizational histories and personal knowledge of experiential travel. They both left the SHiFT program with a new understanding of the value of experiential travel and rose to the challenge of inspiring new visitor experience investment within their organizations.

Experience one of the most innovative culinary feasts in the world on the bottom of the ocean floor where twice daily the tide averages 47.5 feet up to 53.6 feet on a raging tide day. The Flying Apron alongside their community partners piloted the experience with 39 visitors at three different times in the summer. By July 2016, Tourism Nova Scotia noted that the four scheduled public dinners were sold out. By September 2016, the Flying Apron reported a second-year attendance increase of 333 percent welcoming 169 people to the four public and two private sea-bottom dinners.

Passionate about the world “down under” would be an understatement if you were describing Adam Walker, the owner/operator of Canmore Cave Tours.

An avid spelunker and caving guide since 2003, in 2006 Adam joined the team at Canmore Cave Tours, led by former owner Dr. Charles Yonge. Over the years Adam gained experience in all facets of the company while falling in love with the business as he watched it grow. In 2013 Adam jumped at the opportunity to purchase the company when “Chas” retired and shifted to his new role as cave guru, scouting new caves in southern Alberta’s Bow Valley.

Tam Andersen is a unique entrepreneur, passionate about sustainable farming, cultivating partners and celebrating all things local. At the young age of 22, ‘Farmer Tam’ purchased Prairie Gardens, more than 25 acres of vegetable gardens and later added (at age 32) another 3,000 acres of cropland with her husband, Terry, together comprisingthe best of Alberta’s black topsoil. Located outside Bon Accord, 25 kilometres north of Edmonton, it washere where this young horticulturist planted the seeds of her own future.

The Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival is hosted annually, during the month of May, in the picturesque community of Norris Point which overlooks Bonne Bay and the famed Tablelands of Gros Morne National Park and UNESCO world heritage site.

Over the years, the audience and scope of the festival have grown significantly and support from the local businesses and community remains high. As the ‘kick-off’ event to launch the summer high-season for the entire region, businesses report an increase in revenue and visitation during the festival.

In 2007, Candace Broughton had a dream: to share her love of riding with visitors as a unique and personal way to discover Jasper National Park.


Nine years later, Candace’s dream has become a reality. Jasper Motorcycle Tours offers one, two and three-hour tours to over 4,000 guests per year. Seven full-time and 20 part-time riders provide the internal combustion that propels the company forward. Between May and October, drivers delight and excite visitors from around the world with their personal tales of life in the park as they take in the awe-inspiring sites of truemountain wilderness.

From a Dead End ... to a Destination


With a new focus on the broader visitor experience, there is a fresh appreciation for value in finding creative, unique and authentic ways to connect travellers with people in the community. Louisbourg’s Tourism picture today features a collaborative approach that looks at multiple ways to improve the visitor experience. By immersing guests in the community, in ways that creates sense of place and provides the personal connections to the local people, it
drives benefits throughout the town.

Discover how an intriguing idea, perfectly aligned with your ideal guest, becomes a Signature Experience and best seller that delights hard-core blues fans. The Deep Blues experience is a central storytelling feature of the festival; part of the overall event mix that generates an additional revenue stream.

Join David Seabrook, festival volunteer for 22 years and founder of the event, as he shares insights on the festival, experiential travel and their Canadian Signature Experience.

What do hidden symbols, mystical architecture, a legislative building, a trail of occult clues, and a charismatic storyteller have in common? They combine to create a magical conduit and a transformative visitor experience that invites and delights guests while simultaneously drawing media attention and marketing partners.

Join Don Finkbeiner, the owner and operator of Heartland International Travel and Tours, as he shares insights on his company, experiential travel and their Canadian Signature Experience.

How do you become recognized as one of the “Top 50 Tours of a Lifetime” by National Geographic when you don’t sell tours … at least not the traditional type?

Join Ken Sooley, Owner and Operator of CapeRace Cultural Adventures Inc. as he provides a glimpse into their world to a new concept their company calls “Guidance without a Guide” and you discover why this company has been selected as one of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Signature Experiences.

Step into Canada's North and discover how truly paying attention to what travellers are seeking can impact the decisions you make regarding the tours you offer, the staff you hire, and the markets where you can find new opportunities to succeed.

Join Felix Geithner, the Lead Guide, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager and Company President of Arctic Range Adventure as he shares insights on their company, experiential travel and their Canadian Signature Experience.

Enter a world of intrigue and theatre built on the foundation of the rich history of British Columbia’s Gold Rush. Discover how a single story, rooted in its historical authenticity and importance, is all that is needed to set the stage and to script engaging visitor experiences that ignite people’s interest. Barkerville has created a sense of nostalgia that transcends generations and results in a very strong base of repeat visitation. Barkerville’s Chinatown has one of the largest Chinese archival collections in Canada that accompany the incredible story of people who travelled halfway around the world in search of their fortune.

Join James Douglas, Barkerville’s Visitor Experiences Manager, and Dirk van Stralen, Marketing and Communications Specialist, as they share insights about their approach to experiential travel and their recent membership in the Signature Experience Collection program.

Discover how, by taking the risk to lower the guest to staff ratio and shifting to a business model that’s based on the guest experience, you can drive your bottom-line, guest and staff satisfaction, and increase repeat business.

Join Eric Pateman, the President and Founder of Edible Canada, as he shares insights on the company, experiential travel and their Canadian Signature

We have often focused on selling craft as retail tourism, and not realized the value that travelers place on being “with the artist” or visiting them at their studio. The “experience of doing rug hooking” through workshops, and taking away a Do-It-Yourself kit can generate different revenues for the artist, which can be significantly higher than the retail craft item itself. It is still tourism, or more correctly “experiential travel.”

Tasting. Discovering. Indulging. It’s all about engaging the senses when you step into the legendary Inniskillin Icewine vineyard to enjoy this Canadian Signature Experience. Designed for the leisure travel market, it also is frequently delivered to our internal colleagues within the Constellation corporation. This experience is an ideal way to introduce people to Canada, Niagara-on-the-Lake and our vineyards.

Join Deborah Pratt, responsible for winery public relations with Inniskillin at Niagara-on-the-Lake as she shares insights on their company, experiential travel and their Canadian Signature Experience.

Discover how the early history of fire protection in Canada’s national parks evolved into a specialty visitor experience that serves as a lead generator and increases awareness for a small, nature-based interpretive business that delivers intimate, customized visitor experiences.

Join Nadine Fletcher, Co-Owner, Operator and Guide for Great Divide Nature Interpretation as she shares her insights on their company, experiential travel
and their Canadian Signature Experience.

Discover how the courage to shift your product development model to a programmatic, building block approach can radically change the opportunities for your business, community and the quality of the visitor experience.

Join Kevin Eshkawkogan, Chief Executive Officer for Great Spirit Circle Trail as he shares insights on their company, experiential travel and their
Canadian Signature Experience.

Discover how a fully immersive visitor experience, on 127 acres of land inside the city of Calgary, can transform visitors by taking them back to another place and time in Canada’s history. In this living museum, the buildings and artifacts are only the props; and are the stage on which great stories are told.


Join Sandra Kam, Manager of Marketing and Special Events, at Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, Alberta as she shares her insights on the company, experiential travel and their Canadian Signature Experience.

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