Enter a world of intrigue and theatre built on the foundation of the rich history of British Columbia’s Gold Rush. Discover how a single story, rooted in its historical authenticity and importance, is all that is needed to set the stage and to script engaging visitor experiences that ignite people’s interest. Barkerville has created a sense of nostalgia that transcends generations and results in a very strong base of repeat visitation. Barkerville’s Chinatown has one of the largest Chinese archival collections in Canada that accompany the incredible story of people who travelled halfway around the world in search of their fortune.

Join James Douglas, Barkerville’s Visitor Experiences Manager, and Dirk van Stralen, Marketing and Communications Specialist, as they share insights
about their approach to experiential travel and their recent membership in the Signature Experience Collection program.

Barkerville Historic Town


    815 Deal Street

    Comox, BC

    Canada V9M 1A9


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