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Tourism Café Recognised For Innovation

We are honoured to have been awarded the Innovative Business Award by the Comox Chamber of Commerce for developing a unique e-learning business model that allows us generate the business partners and investment to create leading edge online training to support tourism recovery.

The Innovative Business Award presented by, recognises a business that demonstrates advancement in utilizing technology to drive efficiency and productivity. When the pandemic hit, as a tourism training and destination development leader working across Canada, we had to pivot to e-learning and explore different engaging ways to reach our clients. The tourism industry is diverse and represents a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and comfort with technology, but we stepped up to the challenge to create relevant learning that is accessible, affordable, engaging, bilingual and suited for all abilities.

“Innovation is essential in the times we live in. It involves creativity, imagination, collaboration and taking calculated risks to carve out new opportunities.”

- Nancy Arsenault, Managing Partner

Our unique business model for investing in and developing training is based on leveraging affordable contributions with our destination partners to benefit their stakeholders and the larger industry. We are working with destination partners across the country on co-creating blended, virtual and instructor led training using our new Tourism Connects platform. It has been a two-year labour of love, supported by partners in all parts of Canada and our home province of British Columbia, who have collaborated on finding a unique, made in Canada, bilingual training solution for the future.

Our entire team at the Tourism Café appreciates this recognition. We are all inspired to

continue innovating and growing in the e-learning space.

Visit our Tourism Connects platform to register for a course or take our brand-new Tap into Trends 2022 course.


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