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Bikepointsos: Supporting the independent cycling experience

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

There’s nothing that will ruin a great bike ride like an unexpected problem requiring repair. On my recent trip to Emilia-Romagna in Italy, I met road cycling enthusiast, Hotel Belvedere tour guide and entrepreneur, Filippo Grandicelli, who leads hundreds of guests around the region.

Necessity is the mother of invention especially when you have mechanical problems when you’re a cyclist and a cycling tour guide. Filippo has been working on an innovative solution to help cyclists and improve the independent cycling experience in the region. Over the past two years, he’s been developing bikepointsos, a network of cycling-friendly businesses where riders can find the help they may need along the way, at any time of the day.

Coffee shops, cafes and bars are plentiful in Italy and are an important part of the Italian cycling experience. Unlike many other storefront businesses in Italy, they are open continuously throughout the day, from early morning until late evening, making them a great place for cyclists to stop anytime of the day. Bikepointsos businesses welcome cyclists and agree to provide a consistent array of services including a full set of tools to repair

Campagnolo and Shimano components, a floor pump, inner tubes, CO2 cartridges, etc. and a bike-friendly spot for a refreshment and water bottle refill!

An interactive map allows riders to identify bikepointsos locations and plan their route knowing that these services will be available along the way. Currently there are 126 bikepointsos locations currently in Emilia-Romagna and other parts of Italy. Filippo is continuing to expand and extend the network throughout Italy and beyond.

Imagine the possibilities for independent cycling with a worldwide network of bikepoints in all your favourite road riding destinations!

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