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Do you know where your customer is online?

With so many options for an online presence, and only so much time and money to manage social channels, it is vital you know where you customer is. Last week at the @DestinationBC Remarkable Experiences social media training, some of us were chatting about this very topic.

Some businesses had been provided advice by 'social media or tech savvy' businesses that they don't need a website as a small business and can get away with only Facebook. As a company that focuses on the customer experience - I'd say great if you know all your current and future customers are going to find you on Facebook. But I doubt that's true.

The point came home today while I was looking for a physiotherapist. The company had no website, I found them through google maps, discovered there is no website and had to work to locate a number. So my 'pre-trip' experience to engage with this company took way too much work than needed. But they came from a trusted referral (not the company's marketing efforts) so I persevered.

Visitor Experience Cycle

When I reached the company, I asked the receptionist about no website and she said "We aren't sure if it's needed." I told her, personally it would never cross my mind to look for a media professional via Facebook. I'd want a website with the names of the doctors, physiotherapists, chiropracters etc. their backgrounds, and to see what they are writing about via their blog.

The Take-Aways:

1. Know where your customers search - if you don't know - ask them.

2. Having a business requires generating business - know where you must invest your time.

3. Think about the physical and emotional journey of your customers in finding your business and deciding to purchase ... or not. Have you done everything you can in the 'pre' part of the visitor journey?

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