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Don't Keep Them Guessing!

You've worked so hard to build your company, create your tours, set prices, secure staff and partners and invested in promoting what you do! Congrats! After decades of training and coaching tourism businesses a few things I've learned that bear sharing - even today!

2. Don't keep people guessing the price! We all need this vital information to plan our travel, manage our vacation budget so make it easy!

3. Ensure you have an obvious call to action! I'm still shocked at the number of tourism businesses (who shall remain nameless) that do not ask for the sale. There are so many ways to do it, but here's a few of my Canadian favourites.

a) Gatheralls Puffin and Whale Watching in Newfoundland has been one I've followed their website for years. They keep update with content and look and always have straight forward calls to action.

b) Stonehammer UNESCO geopark in New Brunswick is another favourite - et c'est bilingue! The information on this site for a major attraction is so easy to find, follow, translate, it makes me want to visit! Visitors to their site come for different reasons - tours, education, preservation - and each dropdown menu gives you access to the info you need and the BOOK NOW remains at the top - easy to access anytime!

c) Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm in Alberta is another one who asks for the sale and provides all the pricing info you need or want - right down to their industry flat sheets. They make it wonderfully easy to find what you want and make a decision to buy!

And yes, we practice what we preach!

Quick Hits for the day:

1. Share your competitive advantage.

2. Advertise your prices (with obvious exceptions for customized requests).

3. Ensure an obvious call to action.

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