Our business model is based on optimizing special collaborating partners with a great support team to ensure we access the right expertise when we need it to deliver you the best results.

Everyone affiliated with the Tourism Cafe, operates their own businesses or works in the tourism industry. We all share a common passion for the tourism industry, professional training, and industry development.

Check out our main collaborating partners, key folks on our support team, and the many community tourism businesses we work with to deliver our training and best practice missions.

Industry Partners

Collaborating partners are key to our ability to tap into the right expertise for our different areas of business when needed, and when clients are keen on us working together!

Margaret Doyle, is a story architect, writer and transmedia producer. Tucked in the beautiful Okanagan of British Columbia. She is the owner/operator of What Is Your Story  We have partnered together for over a decade. Mags is our lead go-to gal for projects where we need skills of a digital auditor, marketer and storytelling for our visitor experience assessments, curriculum development, training, and research.

Jane Osler owns and operates PJ Osler and Associates. Located in North Vancouver, BC we have partnered together for nearly a decade on various tourism research projects, provincially and nationally in areas of pricing, marketing, EQ and case study research, product development and curriculum design.

Dee Enright is the CEO of JEBBCA Strategies and Holdings. With a commitment to innovation and a passion for tourism, Dee Enright has helped clients build effective, award winning marketing and communications campaigns and events for over 30 years. An advocate of research and consumer insights Dee has assisted governments, large corporations, not for profits and small businesses build strategic plans that deliver on objectives and growth. She believes in measuring success and accountability.  

Richard Innes owns and operates Brain Trust Marketing and Communications. Located in Mississauga Ontario, over the past six years we have partnered together on multiple destination development projects in Newfoundland, Ontario, and BC.


Our Support Team

Beyond our trusty gang of translators and editors that we rely on, we have a few on our support team - all small businesses like ourselves - who are amazing to work with.

Rob and Jane Weiss of RW Networks Inc. have been providing tech support to the Tourism Cafe since its inception. Ensuring we can work on Macs, PCs, Ipads, Iphones, Blackberries, and multiple platforms between our team and with our clients around the world - they network everything together and keep us up and running!  


They designed our website and are proud to be members of the FasTurtles cycling team!

Bonnie Mitchell is one of our talented graphic artists that we work with. As a boutique business owner herself, Mitchell Creative she is fun to work with as she massages her creative, non-linear talents to produce our original designs, and transform our doodles into polished graphics!


She understands our business and our brand, and is a member of our FasTurtles cycling team!

Theresa Toews provides administrative support to the team when needed.  In particular, when she’s not riding, coaching or doing equine massage, she’s the Tourism Cafe’s transcription whiz, converting our case study and research project interviews into transcripts for analysis.

Experience Providers & Community Partners
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The list is long and gets longer each year - but that’s ok!  We're proud of our national network of amazing tour operators, musicians, artists, experience providers, chefs, tour guides, interpreters, storytellers, performing artists, elders, visual artists. Our national network of tourism businesses is our competitive advantage!

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