Benefits of Working With Us


We are:


  • Catalysts for positive change

  • Customer centric to the core and help you “think like a traveller”

  • Entrepreneurs who have “mud on our boots" as tourism operators

  • Professionally trained educators with an amazing network of industry colleagues who contribute to our training

  • Content experts in experiential travel

  • Instructional design experts, specialized in experiential training

  • Experienced, with two decades of national and international experience

  • Proud to have trained thousands of people from all sectors of the tourism industry

  • Creators of original tools, training resources and content that is tested with industry to make sure it works

  • Authors and videographers of dozens of case studies, vignettes that showcase the success of experiential travel businesses

  • Honoured with consistently excellent course reviews and a terrific net promoter score

  • Caring and we strive to leave a legacy that remains in community after we leave

  • Ecstatic when people implement what they learn and get results! Your success, is our success

Our Approach:


  • Discover your goals, desired outcomes and help you articulate them

  • Co-create and collaborate to design and deliver the training

  • Customize, personalize engaging, transformative training

  • Innovate to create new content, tools, materials that simplify learning

  • Bring you leading edge content

  • Coach local businesses to create new experiences that are piloted in the training, refined and then taken to market

  • Includes training your team in the development

  • Build and coach community teams so the development process benefits your staff and the participants


We Believe:


  • Together we are better

  • Do what you do best, partner for the rest™

  • Collaborate to compete

  • Dare to be different

  • It’s ok to be uncomfortable, change causes reflection, decision, action

  • A memorable visitor experience is essential to long-term success

  • Change is inevitable. Embrace it, learn from it, celebrate it

At the Tourism Cafe we thrive on:


  • Connecting people, ideas, and opportunities in meaningful ways.

  • Inspiring learning that leads to positive change and a competitive edge.

  • Innovating, shaping and sharing knowledge.

  • Creating meaningful, practical, learning experiences grounded in theory, research, and practice.

  • Engaging with tourism professionals to grow our industry through sharing ideas, celebrating success, and tackling challenges informed by the collective wisdom of many.

  • Pushing the envelope for tourism development in ways that causes people to think, reflect and act on the changes, challenges and opportunities of a continually evolving and complex industry.

  • Respecting the unique balance for responsible tourism that every tourism professional, business and community has to manage to make a difference.

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