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Tourism Cafe (2021) Luc Arsenault Bio Ph

Luc Arsenault
Bilingual Narrator and
Digital Course Creator

Luc is an unconventional educator – his classrooms are rarely static, some aren’t even at ground level! He has been a flight instructor for most of his teaching career, including teaching English as a Second Language in Taiwan and martial arts.

As a pilot and flight instructor with Jazz Aviation (Air Canada Express), Luc had education’s most powerful teaching tools at his disposal and excelled at creating immersive, true-to-life lessons that literally put his colleagues in the thick of it all. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he founded Passion Aviation, a freelance flight instruction operation aimed at teaching recreational pilots the core safety concepts that make airline operations as safe as they are. His desire to create new digital learning solutions led to him join forces with the Tourism Café team to support their accelerated foray into new, innovative digital learning solutions. His ability to assimilate and immediately turn around and teach new material makes him valuable in his position as a content creator.

Luc’s the living personification of “Grow old, but never grow up,” In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife wandering around trails and roads near his house in Victoria, BC.

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