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Tourism Cafe (2021) Diana Gould Bio Phot

Diana Gould
Learning Support Coordinator

Diana is committed to providing operational excellence for the Tourism Cafe. She loves to find, fit and fine-tune all the pieces of the puzzle achieving the optimal outcome on every project. She is highly skilled at building lasting relationships with customers, key stakeholders, partners, suppliers and contractors.

Her diverse background in project management spans more than 30 years in the advertising, hospitality, event management, experience development and tourism sectors. She has extensive experience in researching, developing, planning, executing and evaluating projects in Canada and internationally.

As the Director of Programs at Pursuit (formerly Brewster), Diana developed visitor experiences and managed all aspects of the guest experience with the interpretive team. While at Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, as Senior Manager of Events, she successfully developed and executed more than 10 new annual destination events specifically designed to attract visitation to the area.

Diana's puzzle solving skills combined with her belief in excellent customer service are a real asset to the Tourism Cafe as she our online learning world.

An all rounder of sorts, Diana has a strong connection to the arts and when she’s not at her desk you’ll find her hiking in the backcountry, kayaking and biking.  

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