Tourism Cafe specializes in strategic destination development, approached from a visitor-centric lens.


Visitor Experience Assessments

Thinking like a traveller is essential if you truly want to understand the potential for your business or destination. Things that are ordinary to us, can be extraordinary for visitors. It's essential to look through the traveller's lens and this is where we specialize.


We have two solutions to help you refocus how you think about your guests and open the door to innovation, authenticity and a visitor-centric approach to your strategic planning and development. Tourism Cafe has developed a proprietary six-step Visitor Experience Assessment processes for helping communities, regions, or tourism businesses better understand the end-to-end visitor experience from multiple perspectives. Undertaking a Visitor Experience Assessment provides the necessary research to gain rich insights that will inform your business and/or strategic destination development planning for better long-term outcomes.


For Communities and Destinations  

The Tourism Cafe Team can help you better understand the visitor experience through our six-step process.



  • Discover your community/destination online and assess the user experience 

  • Review your marketing print materials to see how they connect to your online and community information

  • Plan a trip, search out information, make reservations, contact visitor information centres and document the experience

  • Visit your community/destination and document the travel experience looking through the eyes of infrastructures, services, activities, experiences and hospitality 

  • Produce an honest report with strategic and tactical priorities based on our 15+ years specializing in visitor experience management.

  • Debrief the client (in-person or online), with an option to also prepare and deliver a stakeholder presentation of the finding


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For Tourism Businesses

(Private sector, not-for-profit and government attractions):  

Need an independent set of eyes on your visitor experience?  We can help with our six-step process that documents the ‘lived experience’ along the way.


  • Check our your business online, in print, with your destination call center(s)

  • Call your business, make an inquiry, a reservation

  • Visit your business, stopping at your local visitor information centre (if you have one) and hear what they say about your business

  • Anonymously join a group of travellers and engage in one or more of your products, services or experiences

  • Produce a summary report based on our 15+ years specializing in visitor experience management of short and long-term opportunities to invest in improving the visitor experience

  • Walk through the findings with you - online or in person




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Strategic Plans & Destination Development

Align your vision, resources, stakeholders, funding partners, business and the visitor experience to better understand what is going on currently in your destination.


Discover where, and how, to create value for your visitors, businesses, community and destination with a holistic look at the tourism investment cycle.


Differentiate your destination, raise the bar on the visitor experience, and increase the economic benefits and funding potential through collaborative actions.


Whether it’s a 3-year multi-region project, such as Newfoundland and Labradors’s Destination Development Plans, or Lanark Counties regional plan - we can scale our efforts to meet your needs and budget.


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Case Studies

The Tourism Cafe loves case study research. Case studies are an excellent way to capture and share stories of progress, principles of practice and successes in our industry from which others can learn. We have found that our case studies have been appreciated and used by the sponsoring organizations, college and university professors, and other consultants with their industry training and academic programs.


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SHiFT Experiential Travel Training

Sometimes you need that third party and outside leadership to help move your agenda forward. This is when an external facilitator can help to facilitate a stakeholder discussion or lead a visioning exercise. Our typical provision of services includes:


  • Background research to prepare for the event.

  • Planning the agenda and preparing support materials.

  • Facilitating the session.

  • Summarizing and documenting the key outcomes.



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